How To Stay Mentally Healthy During This Pandemic Lockdown


Until now, there is still no clear resolution for the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus. Therefore, people are following social distancing and home quarantine protocols. No one knows when the whole situation will calm down and that what makes every individual lose their sanity. Staying all the time indoors is not healthy. For most people, it causes them different levels of anxiety, stress, and even depression.

Honestly, individuals’ prolonged isolation is not the only problem during this pandemic period. People suffer from the unpredictability of the damage the virus will cause and a sudden break of a regular life routine. They experience fear of getting infected and dying. Individuals get drawn more into negative thinking. With this entire mental health crisis that everyone is experiencing right now, how can they tide over this period?

Well, here are some things one can consider.



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Fixing A Routine

Since the world is still suffering from uncertainties, individuals must learn to adapt. Therefore, fixing a routine during this time is a must. It is best to start the day by waking up on time every morning. It will help invigorate the body and mind. After that, do a 10 to 15-minute workout. But note that it is vital to rest a bit before taking a cold shower. Then eat a healthy breakfast before running some morning errands. At noon, individuals can focus on working at home or studying. They can also find some productive things to do, like cleaning the house or organizing stuff. Then in the evening, people can spend time with family. They can binge-watch movies and series on TV or play games. Just avoid late-night sleep so that the waking time won’t get compromised.


Stay Connected

While all individuals are advised to stay at home, it should not be the reason to stop communicating with others. Yes, social distancing is a crucial safety measure. But there are ways people can connect, and that is through technology usage. They can call or video chat with friends and family from a long distance. It helps ease the emotional burden of staying at home alone. If individuals are with their family during the lockdown, they can consider keeping some exclusive time bonding. Parents and children can watch movies, play games, talk about stories, and more. At dinner time, they can discuss plans and trips they will do after the health crisis. It will help people in the house to refrain from thinking about negative things as they will have reasons to look forward to a positive future.


Take A Break From The Virus Updates

For individuals who want to keep their mental health intact, they must take a break from any news updates about the virus. Since most reports will only focus on the downfall of humanity, it is safe to keep the emotional and mental state stable. Yes, people have the right to know what is happening around the world. But they should not get too attached to the negativity as it causes them stress. It is essential not to read newspapers with a noticeable negative outbreak update. Individuals should stay away from television news that reports numbers of infected and dead people. And lastly, if possible, people should disconnect from social media from time to time.

This global pandemic is stressful, and it can affect people’s mental health. But they should not let that happen. Because in times like this, the best strength everyone can have is their healthy mind and body. It is their asset in surviving the worse result this virus will offer for at least a few more months.