COVID-19 Awareness: What Makes You Lose Your Motivation?

Understandably, this whole pandemic situation can significantly affect you. It can bring tons of anxiety and stress that you feel you cannot handle. Sometimes it brings a lot of negativity that can make you feel hopeless and worthless. But if you think about it, isn’t it the time where your focus should be on motivating yourself instead of always thinking that there’s nothing you can do? If that’s not how you feel, perhaps there are some reasons you don’t feel motivated at all.


You Have Zero Connection To Your Goals

Your goals have to be relevant to you. Maybe the reason why you don’t find yourself motivated enough is that you don’t know what you want. Perhaps you thought that you are currently unable to achieve the things you wish to have because of the restrictions you are experiencing right now. That is why you carry an emotional weight. If this is the case, you might want to re-check your goals one more time. And if this pandemic situation is affecting it, consider making adjustments.

You Lack Independence

An unmotivated individual used to complain about everything. Most of the time, his only focus is negativities. That is because he somehow feels anxious about everything, especially the idea of doing things all alone. In this time of crisis, where you have to distance yourself from a lot of people, the tendency to lose all your self-confidence is there. If that is the case, you should find the right reasons for you to stay mentally and emotionally stable.


You Reward Yourself Too Much

Honestly, it is okay to reward yourself when you achieve something better in life. However, it would be best if you considered that your situation now is different from the way it was. Thus, you need to work hard and strive even though you won’t receive anything. If you are losing all that motivation just because you think your efforts are all going to be useless, you might want to thank life itself for giving you a chance to live through this whole global crisis.

You Feel Bored

Boredom happens to be one of the top reasons why you are unmotivated. Honestly, that is understandable. With all the home quarantine and social distancing protocols, all you have is yourself and a couple of few people to surround you. Sure, there are all kinds of ways that you can entertain yourself. But without social connection and outside-your-home- experiences, things can get a little bit boring. If you continuously feel bored and think that social connection can help you get through emotional strain, use technology for communication.


You Have All Time In The World

It may sound positive, but having all the time at the tip of your hands is not that motivating. Honestly, it can cause procrastination and too much self-confidence. This pandemic situation allows you to have all the time you need because part of the safety measure is for you to stay at home and spend time with family. However, there is a chance that you often find yourself always lying in bed. Or maybe you spend too much time on your smartphone. It merely implies that having all the time you want is not healthy for your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.


You Overthink

One essential thing that you need to understand is the danger of overthinking. It keeps you unmotivated because it makes your brain less functional. You become unaware of your response to situations because you shut yourself out from valid reasoning. With that, you get hooked to tons of what-ifs and blame particular things for your life’s misfortune. If that’s how it is, please do take time to practice mindfulness.