Author: Warren Gilbert

How To Have A Positive Mental Health When You’re 20 And Living With Chronic Disease

I have a childhood best friend named Rain. From the first time that I met her at the daycare center, we had always been playing with each other. She would come over to my house for playdates and vice versa. It was a good thing that we lived in the same neighborhood, so we managed […]

COPD And Its Impact On Family And Friends

  Source:   COPD is one of the most common chronic lung diseases that affect more than just the individual who is diagnosed. It also has a tremendous impact on family and friends. We will discuss here the ways that this might occur and what can be done. Some studies reveal that the effect […]

Getting Over Paranoia: How To Do It The Right Way

Are you always suspicious of people or things around you? Is it difficult to trust other persons, even those who are close to you? Do you fear that something terrible is going to happen at any time? If you answered yes to all these questions, then you may have paranoia.

COVID-19 Awareness: What Makes You Lose Your Motivation?

Understandably, this whole pandemic situation can significantly affect you. It can bring tons of anxiety and stress that you feel you cannot handle. Sometimes it brings a lot of negativity that can make you feel hopeless and worthless. But if you think about it, isn’t it the time where your focus should be on motivating […]

How To Stay Mentally Healthy During This Pandemic Lockdown

Source: Until now, there is still no clear resolution for the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus. Therefore, people are following social distancing and home quarantine protocols. No one knows when the whole situation will calm down and that what makes every individual lose their sanity. Staying all the time indoors is not healthy. […]

My Relationship Matters – Fighting Multiple Sclerosis

    I was married to my wife way back in 2001, and as far as our relationship was concerned, we already experienced tons of ups and downs that we somehow managed to deal with over the course of our marriage. I was pretty sure that my wife and I were on the same page […]

My Life With Multiple Sclerosis While In A Relationship

    “Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common disabling neurological disease in young adults. Most develop a pattern of on-again, off-again symptoms, but some have consistently mild symptoms and others have steadily worsening disability,” says psychologist Linda Wasmer Andrews. Having a potentially disabling condition of the brain and spinal cord is something that I […]

Multiple Sclerosis And My Married Life

    Dealing with a medical situation is something that puts me on a roller coaster of emotional and psychological stress. “When individuals are very stressed, particularly if they become anxious or depressed, their ability to think clearly and objectively may be affected. People can easily feel less capable or weaker than they truly are, […]

Can Multiple Sclerosis Destroy My Love Life?

    The emotional and physical connections between couples are essential towards a long-lasting relationship, and there is a more significant need for it when one or both of them have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS is “widely considered an autoimmune disorder, meaning that the immune system of an otherwise normal person is tricked into attacking […]