8 Unhealthy Habits To Ban From Your Life


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 The typical reaction of millennials when they come across a 70- or 80-something individual who finishes a marathon or has unblemished skin is: “How can that happen at their age?”

In truth, there is no secret formula for that. Such people are neither magicians nor drinkers from the fountain of youth. While some may indeed be born with fantastic genes, most merely know what to do and not do with their body both internally and externally. It’s highly probable that they don’t also have other vices than living healthily.

In case you’re envious of the oldies and want to get as close to 100 years old as possible, there are some unhealthy habits to ban from your life.


  1. Binge-Eating

You need to eat to recharge your energy or boost your mood, but you should refrain from munching on chocolate or chips every hour just because you’re bored. Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes can result from that, which may effectively shorten your lifespan. Stick to an eating schedule and practice moderation for whatever you consume.

Binge eating can also be a disorder. “People with binge eating disorder feel like they have little control over their binges, causing them to eat large quantities of food in a short period of time, often to cope with emotional distress,” says Joel L. Young M.D.


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  1. Stressing Over Everything

Stress produces a mess. Apart from it lessening your efficiency at work, but it will also make you look much older than your real age. You have to chill out and learn how to cope with stress early to avoid that.

“When finding the stress techniques for you, the main thing to keep in mind is find “what works for you.” People cope differently with stress and what works for other people in your life may not be helpful for you. If you want to see professional help, reach out to a therapist or psychologist in your community,” says Erlanger A. Turner Ph.D.

  1. Binge-Watching

Tuning into Netflix and other TV channels are sometimes beneficial since it takes your mind off demanding activities. However, allowing it to take over your days, to the extent that you call in “sick” in the office just to not miss an episode of your favorite show, is alarming. It’ll most likely turn you into a couch potato too, and any thought of exercising will go out of the window. That isn’t exactly a healthy way to live, is it?


  1. Living Through Your Smartphone

The birth of electronic devices and internet will always feel like a gift from the heavens. They make taking notes, remembering significant dates, capturing images, and connecting with loved ones effortless with a single click of a button. Despite that, you can’t remain fixated on that digital screen for hours and assume it won’t be harmful to your well-being. Go out instead when you have nothing else to do and enjoy life without it as much as you can.


  1. Lacking Goals

Dreaming isn’t only for kids. You need to have at least one right after accomplishing every goal so that you can direct your actions well. Not having a dream at any age may encourage you to procrastinate and focus on getting by alone.

Just a thought: “Self-direction is a person-centered approach to working with people to achieve their goals. This method has been applied to various populations, initially used for older people, brain injury patients, and the disability segments. Most recently it has seen success in the treatment of mental health disorders and substance/behavioral addictions,” says Adi Jaffe Ph.D.

Source: cdn.pixabay.com


  1. Drinking/Smoking

Alcoholic beverages and cigarettes may taste amazing when you feel tensed or problematic, but they’ll wreak havoc in your system. Your liver and lungs are at high risk from the beginning; nonetheless, the other organs will also be in danger the longer you drink and smoke, respectively.


  1. Looking For Social Approval

Another unhealthy habit that many are guilty of is seeking the approval of others for anything you wish to do. That lets them run – and ruin – your life, to be honest. You should dig deep in your heart to know what makes you happy rather than ask people if they like your decisions or not.


  1. Keeping Toxic Relationships

Lastly, you are better off with affairs that don’t elicit heartaches, anger, and insecurity from that. In case you don’t break the relationship immediately, it can poison your mind and cause you to try all the unpleasant activities you’ve just read above.