The 2016 St Petersburg Wellness Symposium: All About Health

The 2016 st Petersburg wellness symposium was a success, and almost all participants who joined got to understand and reap the benefits from the speakers and coaches who were invited to the symposium. Symposiums like these are advantageous to every community. Let us examine what wellness does to an individual and society as a whole.



Wellness Defined

Wellness is the awareness of making healthy choices towards a fulfilling life. It is not only the absence of illness, but it is also an active process of growth and change.

Achieving and maintaining a high level of wellness is definitely vital to living a great quality of life. Wellness does matter, as in everything we do and all that we feel is associated with one’s well being. Thus, we are directly impacted by our feelings and actions, which is why it is vital for all of us to attain optimal wellness so that we can deal with stress appropriately and prevent illness.

Dimensions Of Wellness

Physical Wellness. This is associated with keeping a healthy body and seeking professional help when necessary. Physical wellness is achieved through the right diet, exercise, getting sufficient sleep, and being aware of the warning signs of illness.

Emotional Wellness. Emotional health is related to comprehending one’s feelings and coping effectively with stress. It is essential that one knows how to care for himself and learn relaxation and stress reduction techniques. Learning and growing from experiences are a sign of emotional maturity.




Financial Wellness. This aspect involves the process of knowing how to deal with one’s finances. Being financially stable undeniably impacts health as well as education. Thus, it plays a vital role in all our lives. It has been found to be one of the most common sources of anxiety and stress.

Intellectual Wellness. When one is mentally healthy, he possesses an open mind with fresh ideas and the eagerness to expand his knowledge. An individual who is intellectually well is keen on participating in community and cultural activities.