How To Live Well Despite Having A Chronic Illness




The people who live with a chronic disease and still manage to succeed with their goals are some of the unsung heroes on this planet. It is already difficult for healthy folks to deal with a slight cold or a minor injury. For the former, though, they may go under the weather when the pain hits, but they’ll continue to power through the day despite having an illness that keeps on coming back.

How can they do that, you ask? Well, it’s all about the life choices you make. When you think, “I won’t let this health issue take control of me,” you can work towards achieving that. And if you claim that you’ll survive any jab at your health, there’s no doubt that you’ll genuinely do it.

Below are more ideas on how to live well despite having a chronic illness.


Go With The Flow

Your new objective is to ride the current. In a regular situation, you may not need to take a break just in case you have a fever or a sore throat. But because it’s a lingering pain that you’re dealing with, it may be impossible to concentrate on your tasks while the disease is still in active mode. According to Trudi Griffin, LPC “Adding a therapeutic professional to your support team, whether it be a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or a licensed mental health counselor, can boost your feelings of safety and empowerment.

What you can only do is accept that it is your reality now. On good days, you’ll be able to function like any member of your team. During the sick days, you may just want to stay in a fetal position, and that’s OK too. Your colleagues won’t ideally mind as long as they’re aware of your condition.




Stop Being Cynical

Having a chronic ailment makes some patients pessimistic about life and love in general. Since they carry an illness that may never go away regardless of how much therapy or medication they get, it’s easy for them to assume that they will be lonely forever. This idea is further strengthened by this phrase:  “Many people experience depression when coping with a chronic illness. There are a combination of factors that contribute to depression including lack of control, feelings of helplessness, loss of physical mobility, impact on career, chronic pain, strain on relationships, and medical complications” by Becky Reiter, MA, LPC.


That’s wrong, you know. Your illness does not equate to you being broken or being undesirable. Some individuals even have a health issue wherein it’s painful for them to have sex, and yet they are in a happy relationship. You don’t need to couple with anyone if you’re not into it, but at least make peace with yourself and stop being so negative.


Know The Triggers

Assuming you have the disease for a while now, then you already have an inkling of what causes the problem to spike up. It can be cumbersome lifting or lack of movement. Some foods may also bring you pain. With that said, it’s best to avoid the things that will trigger the chronic disorder.


Enjoy Your Life

Finally, you can live well once you prevent chronic illness from hindering your happiness and adventurism. Though the pain may strike almost every day, it won’t stay active 24/7. You should savor the times when you aren’t in agony, for that reason, and try as many activities as you please. This is further supported by  with Andrea M. Risi, LPC “  The mind-body connection shows us that if we feel depressed or anxious, the body feels more pain or fatigue. Changing negative thoughts to positive ones can decrease both physical and emotional pain.”



Whether you’re pain-free or not, you’ll only live once. Remember that whenever you feel like giving up and succumbing to the chronic disease. Cheers!